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Hometown Marathon   Benefitting HoHA

Andrew Sobieski and Adam Smith, longtime friends and Hoboken based runners, are joining forces to support the Hoboken Hospitality Alliance  this fall and raise money for local Hoboken bars and restaurants that were impacted by the coronavirus. The duo was planning to run the New York City Marathon in November but, like thousands of others across the country, they were disappointed following the postponement of the event. Rather than decelerate their training and look towards next year, the duo decided to put their training to good use and give back to their local community, while still clocking the miles.

“When Andrew and I were shut out of the NYC Marathon due to COVID-19, we immediately put our heads together on how to turn this into a positive,” explains Adam Smith, Hometown Marathon Founder & Runner. “We looked to help the city we live in and love, especially the heartbeat of Hoboken being the hospitality industry and all the hard-working people who have struggled because of the pandemic.”

Sobieski and Smith, Hoboken residents for more than seven years and friends for more than twenty, are running to not only raise money for the Hoboken Hospitality Alliance, but also to spread positivity throughout the city during this unprecedented time. They will be doing this by promoting a fun atmosphere via unique ride-alongs from friends and local business owners, fun outfits, and they’ll even host an outdoor party to celebrate the event. Smith, Hoboken-based business owner of Lokel Group, an experiential marketing agency focusing on the hospitality industry, has seen firsthand how the pandemic has impacted our city. He’s running to support the local businesses he frequently partners with.

“We could not be more excited for Andrew and Adam to represent the Hoboken Hospitality Alliance (HoHA),” exclaims Leigh Wilson, founder of the Hoboken Hospitality Alliance. “HoHA was born with a mission to support, and these guys are doing just that to lift up our community in need. These funds will be critical in supplying educational resources, marketing programs, and facilitating a quicker recovery for our hospitality members.”

We will run on November 1st, 2020, it will consist of 6.5 laps around Hoboken with water stations at local businesses along the way.

Image by lalo Hernandez
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